The TTC Abbreviation List & Definitions

If you are new to TTC, sorry I mean "Trying To Conceive", you will find that those who have been trying for a while have come up with our own little language made up of abbreviations.  This is to make things easier so that we don't have to keep writing the same things over again.
It will help if you take a look over this list and you will soon be on your way to using "the fertility code".

2ww - Two Week Wait (The wait after Ovulation until either a positive test or Menstrual Period)
AF = Aunt Flo (your monthly period)
AH = Assisted Hatching
BBT = Basal Body Temperature
BD = Baby Dance (sex)
Beta = Blood Test for Pregnancy
BFN = Big Fat Negative (Negative Pregnancy Test)
BFP = Big Fat Positive (Positive Pregnancy Test)
CB = Cycle Buddy (Another Lady on the Same Cycle Day as yours)
CD = Cycle Day
CL = Corpus Luteum
CM = Cervical Mucus
CP = Cervical Position
DD = Dear Daughter
DH = Dear Husband
DP = Dancing Partner (Person you are having sex with)
DPO = Days Past Ovulation
DB = Dear Boyfriend
DS = Dear Son
DTD = Doing the Deed, Doing the Dance (sex)
DUST (Baby Dust) = Lucky Dust that one gives to a lady who is TTC
EC = Embryo Cyro (Embryo Freezing)
EDD = Estimated Due Date
EPO = Evening Primrose Oil
EWCM = Egg White Cervical Mucus
ER = Egg Retrievel
ET = Egg Transfer
HCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Hormone released after a pregnancy is achieved)
HPT = Home Pregnancy Test
HSG = Hysterosalpingogram (Test to determine if fallopian tubes are open)
ICSI = Assisted Fertilization by placing sperm in egg
IUI = Intrauterine Insemination
IVF = In Vitro Fertilization
LH = Lutenizing Hormone (Hormone released just before ovulation)
LP = Luteal Phase (Second Half of Cycle between Ovulation and Menstrual Period)
OV = Ovulation (Sometimes known as just "O")
OPK = Ovulation Predictor Test
PG = Pregnant
RE = Reproductive Endocronolgist (Dr. specializing in Reproduction)
SA = Semen Analysis
SO = Significant Other
SOD = Sex on Demand
TCOYF = "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility" (Excellent TTC Book written by Toni Weschler)
TR = Tubal Reversal
TTC = Trying To Conceive
YI = Yeast Infection

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