Preconception Planning 

Preconception Plan

Planning is key when trying to become pregnant.  Before becoming pregnant, you should be sure that you are in optimum health.  It will help you to conceive quicker and maintain a healthier pregnancy. 

A study, known as the Foresight Study, was conducted in 1995. This study on Preconception Health proved that living a healthier lifestyle and following certain diets could help couples achieve conception that couldn’t become pregnant previously.  In this study there were 367 couples that were previously considered infertile.  After 18 months of using this “program”, 81 percent of the couples had given birth to a healthy baby with no reports of miscarriages or stillbirth. 

The study consisted of the man and the woman getting a hair analysis and finding any toxins and then finding if the couples were lacking in trace minerals.  It also consisted of the consumption of fresh organic foods, including meats, and drinking plenty of filtered water.  Common social poisons such as caffeine and cigarette smoke, the past use of contraception (because some types can cause a lack in certain minerals and vitamins), past and present infections, intestinal parasites and mal-absorption disorders are also taken into consideration and need to be addressed.  

This study is too large for the scope of this site, but you should definitely look into trying to use this study to your benefit.  There are several books that address this study and can give you much information on what you would need to do to prepare for and achieve conception.  The numbers and percentages of healthy pregnancies in this study are too great to ignore.

There are many places on the Internet to get information on this study.  Simply type “Foresight Preconception Study 1995” into any search engine.

(The Foresight Preconception Study was first published in the Journal of Australian College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine, Vol 14, No 2, November 1995, page 16)

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