Fertility Herbs 

Fertility Herbs

Herbs are a good way to increase fertility and overall health.  But, you must be aware that herbs are just as dangerous and potent as a drug prescribed by the doctor.  Some people are under the impression that because herbs are natural and can be bought over the counter that they are not dangerous.  This is absolutely not true.  Herbs can interfere with medications that you are currently taking, or could possibly conflict with a condition that you presently have.  You should always contact your physician or a naturopathic doctor before taking herbs.  

The following herbs are written just for your observation and knowledge.  If you decide to start on any of these herbs, you should first research it thoroughly and then discuss it with your Health Care Professional before ingesting the herb.  I have found that a Naturopathic Doctor may be more willing to discuss the benefits of herbs than a doctor who practices Western Medicine.  These are just a few of the herbs that are used to improve fertility.  I chose the most common ones used.


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