Cervical Position Method

Checking Cervical Position – If you choose to do the internal method of analyzing your Cervical Mucus you may check your Cervical Position at the same time.  Some people prefer not to use this method because it is invasive, it can introduce infection into the vagina or the nails can cause small cuts in the vagina.  If you choose to use this method, you must remember to wash your hands thoroughly.  You may just choose to do it after you take a bath or shower.  That way you know that you are clean.  Remember to keep your nails trimmed and neat.  Following is what your cervix will typically feel like during your cycle: 

  • Beginning of cycle – during menses – cervix will be low and hard and feel like the tip of your nose.  It will be slightly open.
  • After the Menstrual Period is over – the cervix will be low and hard and closed.
  • As Ovulation approaches – The cervix will start to rise and begin to feel softer.
  • During Ovulation – Remember the initials SHOW.  Your cervix will be Soft, High, Open and Wet.  The cervix will feel similar to your lips.
  • After Ovulation – The cervix will drop low and be firm once again like the tip of your nose.
  • If pregnancy has been achieved then the cervix will usually shift up and stay closed.

Using this method can take some time to get used to.  After a couple of months you will learn how your body changes throughout the month and you should start to see a pattern.  You should be sure to chart any signs that you notice along with your temperatures.

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