Cervical Mucus Method

Timing Ovulation by Checking Cervical Mucus (CM) – While charting your Basal Body Temperature is important, it will not let you know when ovulation is about to occur.  It will only tell you after ovulation has occurred.  It is nearly impossible to get pregnant after ovulation has occurred.  Therefore, you need some advance notice.  Checking the Cervical Mucus will help you to determine when you are about to ovulate.  Throughout the month the Cervical Mucus will change.  The changes are due to the hormones that make up the cycle. 


To check your CM you can either do it internally or externally.  To check it internally you should thoroughly wash your hands.  Then stick your middle and index finger into your vagina until you feel your cervix.  Then pinch a small amount of Cervical Mucus from the cervix and pull it out.  Next rub it between your fingers.  How does it feel?  What color is it?  Do you feel wet or dry?  Then compare that information with the kinds of CM listed below. 


To check your CM externally (my preferred method) just wipe your vagina after going to the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper or better yet use your fingers.  Be careful to clean the back area very good beforehand.  It is best to check after you have a bowel movement.  After you get some CM, rub it between your fingers.  What are the characteristics?  Again, compare it with the characteristics of the different kinds of CM below.  Following are the changes in Cervical Mucus that you should notice:


  • Dry or Slightly Moist – At this time you are most likely Infertile.  This time will start after menses has ended until approximately 4 days later.  You will have a dry feeling.
  • Sticky – At this time you are most likely Infertile.  At this time your CM may be sticky for approximately 3 days.  It may feel gummy, sticky or crumble when you rub it between your fingers.  You will still have a dry feeling.
  • Creamy – At this time you are most likely Fertile.  You may notice a creamy, milky, lotiony, whitish or slightly yellow abundant amount of CM.  You will have a wet sensation.
  • Egg White – At this time you are most likely Very Fertile.  This is the most fertile time of the month for women.  It usually lasts about 2 days but can be anywhere from 1 to 5 days.  This Cervical Mucus will look similar to raw egg whites.  It will be slippery and clear or opalescent.  It will generally stretch anywhere from 1 to 10 inches.  You will feel very wet.  It is sometimes easy to mix up egg white CM with seminal fluid or with arousal fluid.  To determine, the egg white CM will not dissolve if you place it in a cup of water while seminal fluid or arousal fluid will.  The egg white CM will usually form a ball and sink to the bottom.  Also, the egg white CM does not dry up quickly whereas the seminal fluid or arousal fluid will dry up quickly when rubbed between your fingers.
  • Dry, Slightly Moist, or Sticky – At this time you are most likely Infertile.  Because of the quick change in hormones after ovulation, you will quickly go from having the egg white CM and wet feeling to being rather dry, slightly moist or sticky. 

Note: Before menstruation you may notice some creamier or egg white CM.  You should not confuse this with being fertile.  This is usually just a result of the changing hormones preparing for menstruation.

If you notice that you do not have any egg white or even creamy CM, because some women don’t, you may want to go to the Fertility Herbs section of this site and read the sections on Evening Primrose Oils and the use of Tussin, which helps to make more CM.  Fertile CM will greatly help the sperm travel up into the cervix.  Some women have been known to use real egg whites.  Many raw eggs have salmonella in them and may cause a serious infection. You should consult your doctor before trying that.  Another great alternative and the best choice is to try using Preseed Intimate Moisturizer.  I use it all of the time.  It works very well and feels very natural. 

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